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Jury Duty - DK's Journal

About Jury Duty

Previous Entry Jury Duty Mar. 20th, 2007 @ 05:51 pm Next Entry

Yesterday I had Jury Duty. I've been summoned 3 times so far and had never made it as far as I did yesterday.

They always say being n the front two rows almost guarantees you a spot in the jury so when my number 11 was called, I was saddend to see that I was on the front row.

I don't mind doing jury duty, but with my anxiety on the rise again, I was terrified I would get called and then have a panic atttack leading to a mistrial.

I spoke to the judge in the first room to ask him what exactly I should do and he advised me to let the judge and attorney know, otherwise they could reschedule and I could get a dr's note explaining why I should be exempt from Jury Duty. I told him since I was there and it was apparent they were going to possibly need me, I would stay and the let attorneys decide.

Turns out is was a criminal case for knowingly possessing Methanphetamines more than 4 grams and less than 200 grams. By a twist of fate, the judge who had sworn us in and started the process was the judge hearing the trial I was selected for.

I let the attorneys know that I would serve if they wanted to and that if I did have an attack I would need some time to cool down and possibly take a xanax. Apparently that was enough and they skipped right over me when they did the selection.

To me it sounded like the DA had a solid case, and that the defense attorney was looking for a technicality or a loophole. It's all good cause I got to go home and relax after that.

I'm glad I was not called to the other case as it was a sexual molestation and mutilation case. I would have asked to be excused from that for obviously strong feelings on the matter.

It was nice to see the legal system in use and working, and in a way I kind of wish they had chosen me anyway. Perhaps next time.

Now. What to spend my $6 on?

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